Our process is quite simple. We work with you one on one every step from the initial consultation to the final product. No detail is overlooked and there are no surprises.

Wild Wing & I Hear Ya want to enhance peoples lives by creating awesome online experiences. We are here to help you achieve success online. Our knowledge, tools and hard work will be poured into your project as we work to make you more successful in business.

  • We will approach your project as web consultants. We are more then a design company, our focus is on business and providing you with the knowledge to succeed online. We provide you with the all-in-one web solution that focuses on long term business driven goals and success.

    – Braden Urquhart, Lead Designer | Marketing Consultant

Our Mission

To create powerful online business solutions and deliver the highest levels of professionalism and creativity, while building long lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Vision

The web presents an opportunity for connection, communication and collaboration. Our vision is a web where businesses can find new exciting ways of reaching their goals and their customers. We work actively on this by continuing to deliver powerful online applications that will help businesses reach and exceed their own company vision.

Our Values

  • Our clients can trust us and come to us for all things web
  • We are open, honest, transparent, approachable
  • Passionate about embracing all that the web has to offer
  • Flexible with ability to change with an ever evolving industry
  • Engaging by providing awesome web experiences

Location, Meetings & Lifestyle

Our web design company is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. More importantly our meeting office is located in Tantallon, Nova Scotia. We typically come to you for meetings and like to start off with an open discussion to learn more about you and your business. Lunch meetings are great too, everyone needs to eat!

As much as we do love being in the office creating awesome web stuff, sometimes we like to get our hands dirty. We do a lot of virtual tour, photography and video. This allows us to spend more time with you and get to know your business even better.

We believe in a healthy work life balance. We work hard during the day so that we can enjoy our personal life. We work very efficiently and we're always happy to receive a visit or call from our clients. We love meeting people. After all, without people, the only thing looking at your website would be a bunch of machines.